Group Class
  Group Makeup Lesson or Makeover Session - $80/Person (2 Hours) (Minimum 4 people)
Bring Out The Best In You!

Want to master an everyday look which suits your unique features?

Women that wear makeup earn more at their jobs than those who don’t. Your group will feel empowered and equipped in your ability to do beautiful makeup on yourself, as well as have fun in the process! This detailed 2 hour workshop is designed to help you learn the steps of applying beautiful makeup on yourself, from skin care prep to the finishing touches. Our instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and experienced with all ethnic features and skin tones. They will teach you the techniques and tips to achieve your favorite looks and offer their assessment on the right colors which will suit you.

Ideal for Girls’ Day Out, or gift for bridal party, graduation, Mother's day or birthday.

Add Ons:

  Champagne + Strawberries.................. $ 15 / Person
  Cheese + Cracker Platter...................... $10 / Person
  Professional Photography Session..... $150 (Includes 1 digital print per person, and 1 for whole group)